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AMC Cookware
Western Cape

AMC Cookware


Preparing food the AMC way is based on fat-free and waterless cooking concepts. This philosophy makes it possible to prepare delicious meals using no extra or very little fat or oil and a minimal amount of water. AMC cookware is high quality, stainless steel cookware with important design features that provide a healthier way of eating and preparing food with optimal nutritional value.

Cooking the AMC way will:
1Ensure the retention of vitamins and minerals (nutrients) in food with the waterless cooking method. Food is tastier when cooked in AMC cookware as the natural goodness and taste is maintained. Nutrients and flavour are not completely lost due to cooking in large amounts of water.
2Cook food through a gentle process, reducing the damage of high temperatures on nutrients in food. With AMC cookware it is not necessary to heat your pots and pans to such a high temperature to achieve success end results.
3Reduce the amount of fat and salt in your diet by requiring less of these during the cooking process. Less fat and oil is needed when cooking in AMC cookware, improving the diet as a whole.

Cooking with AMC is for life. Whether it be a literal take on our message by referring to our lifetime guarantee, or cooking the AMC way which improves your diet and enables a healthy lifestyle. We say, choose AMC – for life.

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