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Beyond Compare Bridalwear

Beyond Compare Bridalwear


Hi Beautiful Woman, welcome to this unique store!
In March 2017, whilst away on a break to the Seychelles, I had the vision to create Beach Bride Dresses that is trading as Beyond Compare Bridalwear. Every day I strolled on the beautiful beach and then one day I observed a beach wedding. The bride wore a veil with voluminous white dress out of sync with the weather and location. Right there I had an idea... Upon returning to South Africa, I started enquiring about natural fabrics because your skin breathes, is delicate and perspires. Natural fabrics loves all that about you!

Beyond Compare Bridalwear is a complete innovative online bridal store providing natural fabric such as cotton, hemp and silk, wedding dresses that are adorned with handmade, detachable African jewelry that showcases a special message about You.

I sketch all the beadwork patterns that are non-duplicated and pair these with my dresses that are stylish and modern, elegant, can be tailored slightly and are sustainable beyond your wedding. And it feels comfortable because skin loves natural fabrics.

What's amazing is that we save you from stress, time wasting and driving around to bridal shop appointments by providing a cost-effective solution that is you scheduling your own free online consultation with Bianca. Its a safe, personal & distinguished experience where she listens to- and gushes over all her brides-to-be because women in true love are beyond compare.

Let's chat about the African jewelry that adorn Beyond Compare Bridalwear. Did you know that South African beadwork is visual literacy? YES, it contains a special story about the wearer! Research on historical beadwork in South Africa presents evidence of symbolism across the various clans. I decided on the Zulu bead code to be most romantic and suitable for our bridalwear because the triangular shapes are symbolic representations of men and women.

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9am to 5pm
Price range: 
R6800.00 to R35 000.00
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