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Bulletproof Marriage
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Bulletproof Marriage


Have you prepared to live happily ever after?

As an engaged couple, you will devote considerable time and energy planning every detail of your wedding day to ensure it is perfect. Have you paid any attention to ensuring that the rest of your life together will be a happy and successful partnership?

Bulletproof Marriage: Your shield against divorce, shares insights and wisdom on how to love intelligently and manage marriage. This best-seller has changed countless lives and rescued many marriages at a time when relationships are crumbling because people do not have a tool kit to manage the inevitable problems and challenges which occur when two different people from diverse backgrounds join together in marriage.

Your relationship is precious. Your loved one is extremely valuable. Safeguard your marriage by reading Bulletproof Marriage. You will learn why relationships fail and discover some simple steps to protect your marriage.

Bulletproof Marriage is available from Exclusive Books.

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