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Madame Et Monsieur Centurion
Gauteng, Centurion, Die Hoewes, 102 Jean Avenue

Madame Et Monsieur Centurion


Electro-Slim treatment utilizes equipment that sends trains of pulses with a variable pulse repetition frequency to site-specific areas using skin contact electrodes.These pulse trains produce rhythmic and powerful muscle contractions that result in muscle rehabilitation.The passive exercise of particular muscle unit increase blood circulation

Ria and Robey Taute, members of Slendererlla Faculty of Physiotecnologists (M.S.F.P.) and both of Dutch descent, began their careers in South Africa, where they started their first Madame Et Monsieur Electro Body-Sculpting salon. As a result of their unique protocol program, they soon became known as 'The King and Queen of the Fight Against Obesity.'

Ria studied the method of physio-symetrics for years, which won her a university-examined diploma entitling her to operate salon user equipment. She qualified in 1974 and was with a noted slimming salon for three years. The couple them embarked on a major marketing/promotional campaign to encourage female and male prospective clients to enroll in a non-physical, electro-body sculpting, slimming program.

Their expansion efforts soon resulted in the establishment of salons located in Australia and England. Then came the decision to move to the United States and provide licensees the opportunity to open Electro-Body Sculpting salons throughout the country.

Their client list includes: a former Miss South Africa, Miss Universe, Miss Beverly Hills, Miss USA, many Hollywood celebrities, famous jockeys, marathon runners, a former Mr. South Africa, a Stargate performer, a former Mr. California, actors, singers, and even some Chippendales performers.

Robey received a marketing award in 1994 and was nominated as, 'Business Man of the Year' in 1995. The couple was selected as 'Business Personalities' in 1995 by Ernst and Young and has appeared on numerous television shows.

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