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ProNails Centurion
Gauteng, Centurion, 3 Estcourt Avenue

ProNails Centurion


ProNails Centurion is a Nail Salon in Centurion, Wierdapark. Our salon has a relaxed and intimate feel and we provide professional services by our qualified nail technicians. We use high-quality products (Young Nails Acrylic), and are up to date with the latest nail technology. We provide a wide range of nail art and UV Gel colours.


Acrylic Overlays
Acrylic is applied on natural nails to enhance and strengthen the natural nails.

Acrylic Tips
Nail tips are applied to natural nails to create length and then covered with an acrylic overlay to enhance and strengthen the nails.

Sculptured Acrylic Nails
By the use of nail forms, acrylic is sculpted to the natural nail in order to extend the nailbed.

Acrylic Fills
Acrylic is applied to fill up the regrowth area of the natural nail after a couple of weeks of the first acrylic application.

Acrylic Rebalance
Most of the acrylic that was applied is being removed, in order to re-apply new acrylic.

Acrylic Soak
Removal of acrylic from nails, by soaking nails in Acetone.

Acrylic Toes
Application of acrylic to nails for enhancement

UV Gel Overlays
Polish like Gel brushed onto natural nails to strengthen and enhance the nails. Gel is cured under a UV lamp.

UV Gel Toes
Polish like Gel brushed onto toe nails to strengthen and enhance the nails. Gel is cured under a UV lamp.

Nail Art
Decorating nails using multiple techniques or decorating materials, stamps, 3D acrylic, stones, foils, glitter, hand painted pictures etc.

Tiny Nails/Toes
Service provided for little girls (4-12 years), Simple coat of nail polish and some nail stickers to decorate the nails.

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