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The three cornerstones of a well-planned union consist of your wedding vows, antenuptial agreement and a properly planned & drafted legal will.

An antenuptial contract is a vital document that regulates, in terms of South African law, whether your marriage will be one that exists in community of property or out of community of property with, or without the accrual system. It, therefore, regulates the marital regime and proprietary (financial) consequences of your marriage.

Securing your future through this important document offers a number of benefits, such as:
1. Preventing the intended marriage from automatically being one in community of property;
2. Offering transparency in the relationship by serving to record the rights, duties and (legal and proprietary) consequences of the marriage;
3. Preventing unnecessary future disputes between spouses;
4. Providing legal certainty to couples getting married outside their country of normal domicile; and
5. Providing a vital link in effective, long-term estate planning.

Accordingly, we encourage our clients to consider the needs of both spouses as they integrate long term estate planning by drafting and executing an antenuptial contract.

We offer specialist, individual services in a wide range of legal disciplines, addressing each consultation with individual remedy. Expect regular feedback from us, whilst your legal needs are secure in the hands of experts.

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